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Well, I want to tell you about my dog Daisy. My daughter always wanted to have a dog but I always refused, last year my sister made me to let her bring a dog and now I am very happy. It's all black Labrador dog with big black eyes I love her very much, we play, walk together I even talk to her and I am sure she understands what I say to her, hen I come tired from my work and how she meets me, I think it is the best positive therapy, you maybe think this woman went mad in her 50-es but believe me now I think how could I live without my black Daisy, so I advise you to have a pet in your house, look at the photo isn't she lovely?

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It is pet, domestic animal. It maybe of different sizes and colors. Tall, short middle sized. Black, white, red, brown, black and white, and other colors, with dots. They live in our flats or outside ...

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