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Inorganic chemistry


Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

NO 2 A reddish-brown gas; it exists in varying degrees of concentration in equilibrium with other nitrogen oxides; used to produce nitric acid. Also known as dinitrogen tetroxide; liquid dioxide; ...


Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

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Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

NO A colorless gas that, at room temperature, reacts with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 , a reddish-brown gas). It may be used to form other compounds. It is a crucial physiological messenger ...


Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

Compound of nitrogen and a metal, such as Mg 3 N 2 .


Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

HNO 2 Aqueous solution of nitrogen trioxide, N 2 O 3 .


Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

CaCl 2 A colorless, deliquescent powder that is soluble in water and ethanol; used as an antifreeze and as an antidust agent.


Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

CaCO 3 White rhombohedrons or a white powder; occurs naturally as calcite; used in paint manufacture, as a dentifrice, as an anticaking medium for table salt, and in manufacture of rubber tires.

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